Past Masters

There were great writers, artists, composers, architects and designers, as well as memorable figures of stage and screen  doing remarkable things here well before there was a Cleveland Arts Prize. We have seized upon the occasion of CAP’s 60th anniversary to honor our past winners and shine a spotlight on these extraordinary individuals who contributed so notably to the region’s—and larger world’s—culture.


With input from many area and national authorities, and CAP emeritus trustee and 1986 Arts Prize recipient Dennis Dooley, we have chosen sixty native sons and daughters for “Past Masters” recognition.


Many are still revered figures—artists whose works are owned by the great museums; authors still read and admired; designers whose works are still avidly collected; and actors who have created some of America’s most beloved characters. Others, whose names appear here, will claim a fresh place in our hearts.


We hope that you will join us over the coming year in celebrating these extraordinary figures and their fascinating careers. Thank you to Cuyahoga Arts and Culture for supporting this project.  For more information please visit 






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